AMR is a game-changer.  A better way to treat muscles that sheds historic light on the subject of back and body pain.

The source of pain so often attributed to joints and discs is actually caused by muscles, we just haven’t been treating them correctly.

For example, did you know there is no correlation between discs and back pain? I'm not making that up, that is a conclusion in medical literature.  Doctor's all know this, but it’s what we were raised on, and with nothing better to replace it with, it remains the diagnosis of the day, handed out as fact, but it is not a fact.

We have been stuck on disc theory for 3 reasons:

1. The symptoms feel nothing like a muscle.

When your back goes out it feels like anything but a muscle, it feels like a disc is pinching a nerve. The radiating pain, tingling, and your foot going numb feel nothing like a muscle.

How you describe your symptoms has everything to do with how it will be diagnosed.

2. There is no apparent spasm

In the vast majority of cases there is absolutely no apparent spasm.

3. What else could it be?

It is assumed that muscles heal as a broken bone would. Thus, when pain becomes chronic and fails to resolve with all manner of conservative and muscle therapy - what else could it be?

Dear friends, there is a better way to treat muscles and it solves the mystery of back pain.

Consider your muscles are a patch of grass:


You can go over it with a steam roller.  Lean on it.  Ice it.  Heat it.  Electrocute it.  Cut it.  Stretch it.  Fertilize it.  Pet it.  Talk to it.  Shine a white light on it.  Can we all agree they have a different effect on the grass than if we simply took a leaf rake to it?


Thus, many treatments claim to treat your muscles but they don’t have the same effect. They may have the same intention, but they do not have the same effect, and this is why they don’t work on tough cases.  

The world of spine medicine is overflowing with experts, gurus and opinions. Why? Because everything works most of the time. I’m not here to debate anyone’s results, but what do you do when nothing works? What do you do when surgery is thought to be the only remaining option? This is the basis of AMR - fixing when all else has failed.

It's not magic, it’s technique and hard work. Results are earned, and in the process of fixing chronic conditions variously diagnosed as a disc, arthritis, stenosis, a bone spur, a spondylo, etc., we elicit the very purpose of orthopedic-neurological exam, which is to hear the patient say, "That's it! That's my problem."  This is what doctors look for in examination, and tests like discography, yet do not find!  I offer AMR not only for treatment, but for examination itself, and I invite my colleagues in the field of spine medicine to peer review my work.  This is a watershed moment in the history of spine medicine.

If your condition is purely musculoskeletal, what is currently diagnosed as a disc, arthritis, stenosis etc., and you are otherwise healthy, AMR is it - the holy grail.  I dare you to find a better treatment.  AMR is tapped into a deeper truth. What I love most about the work is this:  If you have to think about whether you're better or not - you're not. When you're fixed you will feel it - you won't have to think about it.

If your condition is systemic with musculoskeletal effects, AMR does not cure but does give unparalleled relief. ie., fibromyalgia. In fibromyalgia, there is something systemic that is off and makes muscles clump, or fibrose. Treatment gives immense relief, but does not cure the underlying systemic condition that continues to cause muscles to fibrose.

In case you are wondering, AMR has nothing in common with popular forms such as “art” / active release, myofascial release, rolfing, shiatsu, acupressure, deep tissue, muscle stripping, etc. (except that they are applied to the body) AMR is not taught in massage school, there is simply nothing like it, and it will blow your mind.

AMR establishes historic principles / guidelines and all you have to do is feel for yourself. The more you've been around and tried everything else, the more you can appreciate.

Like the game of golf, AMR is elegant in its simplicity despite the difficulty to do it well, and so tapped in that civilians with no prior experience will be amazed at the results they can achieve.  If you are going to provide any soft tissue therapy at all, this is how you want to do it - it will amaze you. 

Aside from the benefit to muscles and joints, AMR releases a powerful healing effect throughout the body that is truly amazing.

AMR is life giving and life saving. 

AMR is simply sublime.  

When it comes to back pain, we'll look back on this period as the dark ages. What were we thinking? And what took so long to figure that out?  Hindsight is always 20/20.

Get lessons. Get treated. Get tapped into the deeper truth of back pain.

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What others are saying:

“Advanced Muscle Reconditioning may sound too good to be true, or you may think it's similar to another technique. 

I've proven it to myself and many of my friends, family and patients that it's the ULTIMATE technique to recondition muscle, and it's as unique as DNA. 

Many of us have tried numerous approaches to patient care and know that each patient responds somewhat differently to each one of them. Results are often unpredictable. 

Well it's different with AMR as ALL patients who have a pain that isn't from cancer, infection, fracture, bone deaths or some other serious condition RESPOND POSITIVELY to care. Of course persistence and consistency is key. 

Thank you Dr. Bronk for making it available to all of us!”

Alexandra Weibel DC DACBR


Brian Bronk DC

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If you are in chronic pain, you’ve seen all the experts, tried every therapy under the sun, and still you are suffering, you are our favorite, for you can truly appreciate what we do.  Breath easy, the relief your body’s been aching for awaits.


I'm Dr. Brian Bronk, author of Disc Shmisc, and Advanced Muscle Reconditioning.  My expertise is fixing tough chronic conditions when, literally, all else had failed.  The chronic conditions when cortisone, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, yoga, stretching, core strengthening and all manner of muscle therapy had come up short... when surgery was thought to be the only remaining option, when surgery had failed.

To be sure, I’m not a genius, I came across the roots of AMR by accident of fate.  I’ve been in the woodshed the last 30 years practicing the craft, putting in the extra time to see what was possible when I had no idea, and often questioned what I was doing.  AMR has been surprising and proving itself to me over and over.  My conclusions are not rash, rather a series of deductions having fixed one tough case after another when, literally, all else had failed. 

I never intended to become yet another claiming to have the answer to back pain, but I’m quite sure what I’m saying and feel a duty to pass on what I’ve learned.  If you seek truth, you have found it. You will find my work refreshingly honest, I'll tell you what I know and what I don't know, both of which are sure to amaze.  I can’t promise you riches, but I can make you #1 treating back and body pain.  If you want results that put a skip in your step, and leave you smiling deep inside, I have just the thing for you.


- provides a more accurate model of back and body pain.

- delivers the very purpose of ortho-neuro exam.

  1. -establishes historic fundamentals to treat soft tissue that are the equivalent of E=mc2 for back and body pain.

You’ve seen the commercial where they point out how Amazon, Apple, and Disney all started in a garage? 

AMR... started in a garage.

Real, tangible answers to chronic pain exist.  Check me out, I'm the real deal.

Dr. B

Disc Shmisc, and Advanced Muscle Reconditioning are available below, or through, here, and here, respectively.

Please check the reviews for AMR on amazon, 6/7 are genuine accounts from people who have no training or treatment with me, they speak volumes, and they got it all from the book.

"I have read your books and watched the video. I have no words to describe the value of this."   Michael Binder MD

Books & DVD’s

1. pre-AMR long oil strokes  

dvd - $30

The simple yet profoundly effective long oil strokes of pre-AMR establish historic tenets for treating back and body pain. Because we do not over-press on muscles, because we approach them at proper angles and locations, and because groups of muscles shrink-wrap around joints, you are immediately empowered to relieve chronic pain conditions when all else has failed. Practice with pre-AMR prepares your hands for the more advanced "precise manipulation of skin and flesh," that is AMR. 53 min.

2. AMR 1 low back pain

dvd - $80

The value of this educational dvd is extraordinary. With this dvd, a person with no prior knowledge or experience is empowered to fix the tough chronic conditions that cortisone, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, stretching, strengthening and various forms of deep muscle therapy cannot.  Includes fundamentals to treat the lower half of the body. Over 2 hrs of solid gold information.

3. DISC SHMISC            

book $20

DISC SHMISC makes a water tight case using medical literature, top expert opinion and landmark cases that leave no other conclusion - discs do not pinch nerves. Witness the evolution of our understanding.

4. AMR

book $75

Advanced Muscle Reconditioning is replete with instructions to treat the entire body. There are principles to "the stroke," a fundamental map, and axioms to guide you in the various situations you will encounter treating people and conditions from 18 - 80 years old. For back and body pain, this is the education of a lifetime.

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Simple.  Complex.  Sublime.